District: 23 (map)

Committe: Minority Leader -

Party: Republican

Previous Service: House: 123, 124 Senate: 125

2012 Ratings: MPA 6%; AFL-CIO 6%; MCV 22%; MSEA 0%; NFIB 100%; MWL 23.5%; MEA 0%

2010 Ratings: AFL-CIO 29%; NFIB 86%; SAM "A"


Phone: (207) 223-5177 (home)

Email: senatorthibodeau@aol.com

Official Website - Facebook

Address: 169 Coles Corner Rd., Winterport


2012 Election

General: Thibodeau 10,747; Curry 9,306
Primary: Unopposed
Spending: Thibodeau: $12,675.98 (Clean Elections Candidate) Curry: $21,287.22 (Clean Elections Candidate)
Endorsements: NFIB

2010 Election

General: Thibodeau 9,365; Piotti 7,903
Primary: Unopposed

2008 Election

General: Thibodeau 2,445; Yentes 2,242
Primary: Unopposed

2006 Election

General: Thibodeau 1,940; Gilbert 1,651
Primary: Selected to run by the Republican Party

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