District: 23 (map)

Committe: Minority Leader -

Party: Republican

Previous Service: House: 123, 124 Senate: 125

2012 Ratings: MPA 6%; AFL-CIO 6%; MCV 22%; MSEA 0%; NFIB 100%; MWL 23.5%; MEA 0%

2010 Ratings: AFL-CIO 29%; NFIB 86%; SAM "A"


Phone: (207) 223-5177 (home)

Email: senatorthibodeau@aol.com

Official Website - Facebook

Address: 169 Coles Corner Rd., Winterport


2012 Election

General: Thibodeau 10,747; Curry 9,306
Primary: Unopposed
Spending: Thibodeau: $12,675.98 (Clean Elections Candidate) Curry: $21,287.22 (Clean Elections Candidate)
Endorsements: NFIB

2010 Election

General: Thibodeau 9,365; Piotti 7,903
Primary: Unopposed

2008 Election

General: Thibodeau 2,445; Yentes 2,242
Primary: Unopposed

2006 Election

General: Thibodeau 1,940; Gilbert 1,651
Primary: Selected to run by the Republican Party

In the News

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Profane Phone Message Has Gov. Paul LePage of Maine in Hot Water Again - New York Times
On Friday, officials with Maine's Republican Party said they had no comment, but the state Senate president, Michael Thibodeau — a Republican who, like his colleagues, is up for re-election this fall — urged Mr. LePage to apologize. “I have heard ...

Roxanne Quimby transfers 87000 acres planned for national monument to US government - WGME
President Michael Thibodeau, R-Waldo, on Tuesday described the opposition to a monument as “overwhelming.” “It's disappointing that the Obama administration appears poised to take this unilateral ... Maine House Speaker Mark Eves disagreed with ...

Down-ticket candidates in Maine quiet on race for president - Press Herald
State Senate President Mike Thibodeau, R-Winterport, who is running for re-election against Democratic challenger Jonathan Fulford, said he's really not hearing a lot from voters about the presidential candidates. “When you are standing at their door ...and more »

Democrats have big fundraising lead in Maine legislative races - Press Herald
... by the Maine Credit Union League and the trucking industry (via their Maine Truck PAC), which each gave $7,500; Central Maine Power's PACs ($5,250); FedEx ($5,000) and the leadership PAC of Senate President Mike Thibodeau of Winterport ($5,000).

New law will fine anyone impersonating a veteran in Maine - WLBZ2.com
BELFAST, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Veterans in Belfast and Senator Mike Thibodeau celebrated a new law that will fine anyone impersonating a veteran in Maine. This goes hand in hand with the federal stolen Valor law, which prohibits anyone of claiming ...

Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016: Collins stands for principle over party, Fulford for Legislature - Bangor Daily News
We need representatives who work for the best that Maine can be, and legislators who can collaborate, rather than positioning themselves by party. ... Mike Thibodeau, I realized that it is actually Democrat Jonathan Fulford who is just such a candidate.

Just how similar are Donald Trump and Paul LePage? - Bangor Daily News
Some tension has emerged on the centrist side of the party as LePage has fought with notable Republican figures including Senate President Mike Thibodeau of Winterport and Sen. Roger Katz of Augusta, but it's nothing compared to Trump's struggles to ...and more »

Eye on Augusta: LePage Receives Merit Badge from Corporate Lobbyist Group - Freepress Online
LePage refused to deliver in person to a joint session of the Legislature; instead, he sent a letter to the Maine State Legislature on February 8, decrying what he termed “efforts by Maine socialists to turn our state into Greece, Cuba, Venezuela or ...and more »

Fulford best candidate for LGBT Mainers - Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel
Despite the Supreme Court decision last year that legalized same-sex marriage, we must remember that the fight for LGBT equality is still being fought. LGBT Mainers still have higher risks of experiencing homelessness than do their non-LGBT counterparts.

State Senate Campaign Starts Early in This Election Cycle - Maine Public Broadcasting
Mal Leary reports on the early start some candidates are getting in the state senate elections in Maine. ... The democrats have targeted four Republicans in this opening round, including Senate President Mike Thibodeau who represents Waldo County.