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Citizen's Guide - Michael Thibodeau


District: 23 (map)

Committe: Minority Leader -

Party: Republican

Previous Service: House: 123, 124 Senate: 125

2012 Ratings: MPA 6%; AFL-CIO 6%; MCV 22%; MSEA 0%; NFIB 100%; MWL 23.5%; MEA 0%

2010 Ratings: AFL-CIO 29%; NFIB 86%; SAM "A"


Phone: (207) 223-5177 (home)


Official Website - Facebook

Address: 169 Coles Corner Rd., Winterport


2012 Election

General: Thibodeau 10,747; Curry 9,306
Primary: Unopposed
Spending: Thibodeau: $12,675.98 (Clean Elections Candidate) Curry: $21,287.22 (Clean Elections Candidate)
Endorsements: NFIB

2010 Election

General: Thibodeau 9,365; Piotti 7,903
Primary: Unopposed

2008 Election

General: Thibodeau 2,445; Yentes 2,242
Primary: Unopposed

2006 Election

General: Thibodeau 1,940; Gilbert 1,651
Primary: Selected to run by the Republican Party

In the News

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Senate President Mike Thibodeau, R-Winterport, quickly backed Rep. Bruce Bickford, R-Auburn, when he announced his run last week, praising Bickford's “strong record of service.” Espling said that didn't change her thinking about the race and that she'd ...and more »

Lucas St. Clair launches bid to unseat Poliquin in Congress - Bangor Daily News
St. Clair also faces opposition from Democrat Jonathan Fulford of Monroe, a carpenter and plumber who twice ran unsuccessfully for the Maine Senate seat currently held by Senate President Mike Thibodeau, a Republican from Winterport. Three other ...

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Maine Senate President Michael Thibodeau praised Bickford in the press release that announced Bickford's candidacy, saying that “Bruce's strong record of service will ensure the people of Androscoggin County and New Gloucester will continue to be well ...